Shloggfather “Intergalactic Furgle-Fest”

October 6, 2010
By Brad Rose

You know, we get a ton of emails like this one and usually they’re lame/totally ignorable, but for some reason this one caught my attention.  Shloggfather (aka Ashlin Aronin, which sounds way more awesome than Shloggfather if you ask me) has dropped a pretty killer free album, though.  I think it was the mention of Jahtari as an influence that got me to listen and that’s a pretty apropos reference point.

Described by some as retro-futurist space-cheese, the album progresses from off-kilter yet stanky beats to expansive soundscapes, where melodies bob and weave through lush textures.

Influenced equally by King Tubby and Jahtari, Kraftwerk and Javelin, Brian Eno and Oneohtrix Point Never, Shloggfather’s compositions end up somewhere in between.

Maybe some of those other vibes in here too, but its the Jahtari riddims and ballooning synths that do it for me.  And its free, so what the hell?  I think it would sound pretty killer on tape, though, so I might have to go dub the tracks on a tape for the full effect.

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