Kevin Greenspon and Ancient Crux Robbed on Tour

July 22, 2011
By Crawford Philleo

Last night in Seattle, WA tour-mates Kevin Greenspon (of Bridgetown Records) and Ancient Crux’ vehicle was broken into. Luckily no gear was stolen as the caper occurred during a performance. But very UNluckily, nearly everything else the gang had of value—”Hundreds of dollars in cash, Travis and Tyler’s [of Ancient Crux] clothes and all of their personal belongings including toiletries, glasses, iPod, laptop, phone chargers, etc”—was nabbed by someone I can only assume is the biggest piece of shit on the face of the Earth. Worse still, this happened the day after these wary travelers received a whopping $472 bogus speeding ticket in Oregon.

With nation-wide gas prices being as they are, needless to say this is a devastating setback. Instead of scrapping the rest of the tour altogether, the group is fixing the window to their car and is more determined than ever forge forth, and they could use your help along the way. Kevin Greenspon’s opened up his paypal account ( for donations, but also just attending a show, telling your friends about it, and buying one of his label’s excellent new CDs or tapes while you’re there goes a long way. Catch them at one of the following upcoming gigs:

7/23 – Olympia, WA – The Hot Tub House w/ Dana Jewell + Family, Gorgenzki, Street Pleebs
7/25 – Salt Lake City, UT - Apake House w/ Seven Feathers Rainwater, Lake Mary
7/26 – Fort Collins, CO - GNU Experience Gallery w/ Wrecked
7/27 – Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis w/ Married In Berdichev, Gemini Trajectory, Ideal Living
7/28 – Denver, CO – Yellow Feather Coffee w/ Junior Low
7/30 – Albuquerque, NM – Small Engine Gallery w/ Dripping Rainbow, Gusher
7/31 – Phoenix, AZ - Yellow Canary Dance Hall w/ Mind Cemetery (mem. of No Babies, Oakland), Sisterfucker (mem. of High Castle, Oakland), Soft Shoulder
More tour info here:
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