Marcus Fjellström “Library Music 1″

August 10, 2011
By Jan-Arne Sohns

After last year’s “Schattenspieler” album on Miasmah, Sweden’s Marcus Fjellström has shifted his focus towards somewhat lighter territory. “Library Music 1” is a collection of 18 pieces of faux library music. Fjellström artfully aspires to make his vignettes sound like straight out of 60s/70s Gebrauchsmusik productions (which just happens to be the title of Fjellström’s 2006 debut). The scope varies accordingly, from the oblivious carrousel music of “LM-105” to the darkish synaesthetic storytelling of “LM-106” and quite a few of the tracks make for enjoyable listening. However, in spite of the cunning overall concept (which I like a lot), “Library Music 1” is not really a coherent album. That’s the point, I know, and Fjellström’s expertise stands unquestioned, but I wish the album was more engaging. As it is, “Library Music 1” is a successful exercise and a playful homage to a historical sound and craft. Which is nice but it doesn’t change my life.


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