Midday Veil, “Subterranean Ritual II” tape

September 2, 2011
By Dave Miller

Midday Veil takes a crack at improvisation and records these various psychedelic séances.  They blur the lines of realities and dimensions as their venture seems to be to always find other states of being and freedoms from our immediate world.  Subterranean Ritual II consists of two sidelong tracks, Moon Dance and Naxos which are definitely anything but grounded.  Joining the ranks of acts like Book of Shadows, this has some dark auras about it.  Great synth emanations, very strong meditative ghostly/Eastern female vocalizations, invocative guitar summons, and truly climactic percussion.  It has such a build toward mystical and cosmic encounters that is very successful at trapping the ungraspable, making audibly incarnate the incorporeal.  I remember someone else saying that this album has something “sexy” about it.  While I probably wouldn’t have picked up on this by myself, I could see why someone might say this.  There is undoubtedly a sensual quality to it, a definite caressing activity to the music and the beautiful voice that’s recorded can sound very alluring.  It is a free spirited ritual that plays, sings, and beats in such a way that it creates a naturally solemn ceremony, like they’re all musical priests or something.  This album robustly demonstrates that some of the best things in life, some of the best music even, are spontaneous.  Improvised music is accidental, but has a liberated, less mechanical and monotonous, and very spirited quality to it.  Sometimes these improvisations are recorded with an audience and sometimes without.  In my opinion, this has given a lot of life and appeal to Midday Veil when compared to their first release, Eyes All Around. That was a pretty good album, but seemed over-thought and tried a little too hard—if I may speak candidly.  What’s wild is that this particular tape was recorded at the same time as Eyes All Around was yet I perceive such a night and day difference between the two.  Here, Midday Veil shines through with freshness.  Not only are they a new and different embodiment of themselves, but I would argue are a new face for psych music itself.  They are their own and are more than mere imitators of what’s already out there.  Very well done.  I can’t wait to hear where their other improvisations will lead them next.  By the way, this seemingly nocturnal transmission is part of a series of improvisations that are part of the Subterranean Ritual series.  No idea how many there are.  Look at the cover though.  Yeah, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, that is, words to describe what you’ll hear.  I love the art!  200 pro dubbed and inscribed solid black tapes.

Translinguistic Other


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