Den, “Bronze Fog” tape

September 8, 2011
By Travis Bird

The debut release from the Retrograde label, by trio forming Den, traffics in “interplanetary violence” with “nuclear winter jams,” reaching a tremendous level power at times.  The most remarkable thing about this isn’t the post-human emptiness (which is moderately interesting), but the blasting, propulsive hardcore grooves.  The songs charge ahead, single-minded in a way that I rarely hear even among groups much faster and more distorted.  A bizarrely prog acoustic detour shows that these guys aren’t just one-trick ponies, that they seem to have quite a bit up their sleeve.  Some of the mixing is disappointingly drum-full, nixing the bass clarity, but this is great stuff.  Looking forward to a seven-inch or something, anything.

Retrograde Tapes


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