Mirror to Mirror, “Here You Leave Today” LP

September 30, 2011
By Ken Fogjin

In a night out at the fair cinema one engages with plenty of joys from the film one is imbibing, but always there are detractors; the crying baby, the loud slurping, the dreaded light form a pesky texter in the theater, and before blu ray got the best of our blues, cigarette burns in the film itself. The cigarette burns never really ruined things fully, it kind of, made them better. The little extra movements the film would have to make  to relieve itself, much like the trips one is forced to take to the bathroom during the film itself. It is in this relieving that we find Mirror to Mirror doing its thing. The slight clicks and imperfections are what humanizes the record. Like all the great synth aficionados that have come before him in the last three years, Mirror To Mirror aka Alex Twomey of Jungular Forest Tape label puts forth his first LP for the great purveyors of the modern synth movement, Cylidndrical Habitat Modules. There is something rather cinematic to Twomey’s  music, as with a lot of synth music, these days because this style was originally meant for the silver screen with doggs like Morricone and Carpenter originally being the ones to hold this sort of stuff down. Twomey follows proudly in that tradition and releases a tape of variable moods and methods. There’s the track with some mild tape clicking in the background serving as a perfect epic love story complete with the very noticeable cigarette burns that drag the viewers attention to the fact that the camera has just been focused on these two people for ten minutes. There are the tracks of great travel, the tracks of great realization, but where are the tracks of just great music? Mirror to Mirror accomplishes the humble goal that many synth slingers before him have, of creating a good atmosphere that serves a particular situation or mood, but in the wake of selling your guitars for turntables, your turntables for pedals, and finally your pedals for synths zeitgeist of 2008 creating a synth atmosphere record isn’t that satisfying. The timbres are the same, the pacing the same too, and the slow growth to multi-layered flourishing lush synths, with major chord drone happening on top, is best left to the pros that Mirror to Mirror and the ilk worship, not that worship is a bad thing. And as a member in the church of synth beauty Mirror to Mirror is an excellent congregant, the arrpegiated holy water missed me when I tried to receive, however, so I can’t grant this record it’s ticket to sit on the throne of J.D. Emmanuel for all eternity.

Cylindrical Habitat Modules


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