Flaming Lips to package a day of new music in human skull

October 12, 2011
By Ross Devlin

Because creating a six-hour song and releasing it with a weird strobe-light toy was not awesome enough for the Flaming Lips, and for the same reason that creating a USB drive EP of new music and encasing it in a life-size gummy human skull was not awesome enough either, the psych-rock band have announced they will be encasing a 24-hour song in a human skull.  A real one this time (duh).  They will be $5000 a pop, and are already sold out, so nevermind.  Apparently this is legal, and there’s a shop in Oklahoma where you can buy human skulls.  I imagine the “elegant boxes” these things will come in will include a little hammer so you can smash the skull open like a piggy bank.  Hopefully Wayne Coyne will decide to mass-produce these, so we can see them in the music section at Barnes & Noble.

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