Long Distance Poison, “Gamma Graves” tape

October 11, 2011
By Paul Simpson

Yet another excellent tape by the always amazing LDP, this time stepping up to release a tape on Thurston Moore’s label. “Mesa Ghost” takes up the A-side, beginning with a deep-space synth sequence which slowly warps and twists, before being crushed out. Some more synths buzz and shriek, a few patterns emerge before fading away, and finally a slow, sinister pattern creeps in along with some slightly queasy textures before the piece ends.

“Centers (Earths And Heavens Meditations)” takes up side B. This one leads off with some treated guitar, adding a bit more of a reflective texture to the droning synths. The piece stays rhythm-less for its duration, giving it free reign to stare into the cosmos and ponder infinity. Both sides of the tape are around 10-15 minutes, providing a bit more compact dose of LDP, but no less awesome.

Ecstatic Peace!


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