Abusive Consumer, “Wing / Shadow” tape

November 23, 2011
By Bobby Power

30 minutes of dark, noise drones from Abusive Consumer’s J Morales. Nihilistic in its demeanor and presentation, “Under the Wing of (Parmegiani)” sinisterly incorporates vague scrapes of texture and static.  Anonymous hums and warbled sound litter extended passages of pitch black “soundlessness” with vaguely caustic jitters of processed scratching.  The headstrong piece moves along at its own pace and dwells on particularly odd passages for minutes on end.  There’s a sort of meandering quality that isn’t quite engaging.  Morales may or may not be improvising here, but it’s that confusion of whether or not the path is directionless that takes away from the overall effect.  It almost sounds like a collage of demos or outtakes from a greater work.  “In the Shadow of (Palestine)” is a bit more dynamic and involves a broader sound palette than the A-side.  The piece starts off as a psychedlic collage of shifting effects and edits before opening up into a full on chorus of synth drones.  The chords soon deteriorate into a frayed and charred haze of tones.  It’s a promising work of sounds, but I’m still looking forward to what Abusive Consumer will come up with next.

Corpus Callosum
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