Sølyst, s/t

November 30, 2011
By Bryon Hayes

Hamburg’s Bureau B imprint is responsible for, among other things, a string of reissues from krautrock’s Cluster-Harmonia axis.  Further to their dedication towards uncovering lost classics, the label has also been paying attention to the neo-kosmische wunderkinds of today. Germany’s Kreidler have been particularly well-represented, with the label offering up “Tank” in March and now the debut from drummer Thomas Klein’s Sølyst project.

Fusing his native krautrock rhythms with those of dub and afrobeat, Klein has created an atmospheric set of compositions that travel with a motorik drive while carrying a polyrhythmic pulse. The additions of TG Mauss’ cosmic synth environments casts these eleven pieces as elegies that straddle the planes of Heaven and Earth. Klein’s drumming – especially on tracks like the retro-futuristic “Hoorn of Plenty” (sic) – captures the spirit of his forefathers with its tightness and economy.

Klein’s Sølyst alter ego is at home both in the recent past and the near future, and is not afraid to explore the sonic possibilities offered by other cultures. This amazing debut demonstrates this time-hopping fusion of existing schema and outside influences. Klein has woven a diverse array of threads into a unique sonic tapestry.

Bureau B


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