Sounding The Deep, “Anthems Of Light” tape

January 17, 2012
By Paul Simpson

Living up the the name of its label (Sonic Meditations), this is a blissful collection of hypnotic guitar drones. The first track even has some chanting!  The second introduces slow drums and organ, and has sort of a high lonesome country-slowcore feel to it.  “Stargazer” is appropriately stratospheric, and also manages to work up a rhythm towards the end.  “A Lion Dug Her Grave” is the shortest song on the album (at just under five minutes), and features plucked acoustic guitar over dark ambience and gently crashing cymbals.  The tape then ends with its longest cut, “Icon,” which sums up the tape’s stargazing tone in 12 minutes.

Apparently this is an album of outtakes and unreleased material from 2008-2009 that didn’t make it onto other Sounding The Deep releases, but it works so well as a standalone release.  It sounds like it would be great music to blast on the prairie late at night while staring up at the stars.

Sonic Meditations

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