Brain Syndrome, “Disconnect” tape

March 15, 2012
By Paul Simpson

All of the information that I can find about this tape online claims that it’s a mysterious thrift store find, reported to be recorded in the early ’80s, and that the artist name and titles were basically made up for this release because they had no clue who actually made this. I’m really skeptical about this, and I’m almost entirely convinced that it’s a new recording. I feel like people didn’t really use these types of synthesizers in such a lo-fi way 30 years ago. But maybe that’s just because we’re used to hearing 30-year-old recordings of these synthesizers in such hi-fi contexts, i.e. Vangelis soundtracks. This could well have been some old, forgotten homemade recording, but I strongly doubt it.

Anyway, whenever it was recorded, it sounds pretty nice. There are only three tracks, and they repeat on both sides of the tape. “Fall Asleep” starts pretty scattered and slowly forms into something more cogent (plus it has some nice Tomita chirps), and then it completely falls apart at the end, with some loud bonking on the keyboards. “Distract To Connect” has a pretty severe tape warp which punctuates the recording every few seconds, and it has a similar feeling of pulling together coherently, only to be restrained by the amateurness of its creator(s). “Disconnect” seems a bit more thought out and expansive, with calm burbling synthesizers guiding a shining path, before fizzling out.

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