Temple Songs, “15 Bygones”

April 24, 2012
By Steve Dewhurst

More good stuff from what appears to be a burgeoning lo-fi scene in Manchester, UK. Temple Songs are part of the same stable that produced Irma Vep and Sex Hands, as well as being the creators of the Friends jingle download we mistakenly credited to Sex Hands a few weeks ago. Temple Songs are a different beast, though, as 15 Bygones will testify.

Whereas Sex Hands have an all-out, anything goes fuzz bomb approach to melody and structure, Temple Songs chill things out to a 1950′s, beach side early morning degree. Slinky melodies and woozy, almost psychedelic haze bring to mind open-topped Cadillacs sweeping around Big Sur bends, full of floppy revellers from the night before and the sunrise shining in their eyes. Things get fraught only occasionally, like on the pacey jangle punk of ‘I’m Better Than Brad Berwick’, but ‘Jello Sky’ and ‘You Don’t Smile Nearly Enough’ are more typical of the Temple Songs style, almost Atlas Sound-esque in their languid lope but with added pop smarts that could place them alongside Best Coast as summer smashers du jour. ‘Perpetual Birthday’ is a propulsive twist but for the most part these songs are deep beneath sunburnt hangover daze. ‘Milk Fad’ and ‘A Bee Or A Shark’ are doe-eyed dreamers hot for Audrey Horne and the sheer damned joy of everything.

Self Released

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