Midday Veil, “Integratron” tape

August 1, 2012
By Dave Miller

Midday Veil set the bar high for themselves after their last page in their musical journal, Subterranean Ritual II. When I first saw Integratron come onto the scene I was a little skeptical whether they could live up to their own standard again.  You see, Midday Veil make music the way this kind of music ought to be made.  It’s all improvised and it’s all under the spell of whatever environment they find themselves.  This is accidental, yet it’s all obviously meant to be.  Each instrument and each instrumentalist the mere conduit of the powers at work there in that setting.  They give incarnate form to the unknown and the mystical.

With Integratron, Midday Veil set up shop in a backdrop most becoming of their spiritual freeform methodology.  They work their magic in the Integratron, an “acoustically perfect wooden dome built with telepathic extraterrestrial guidance by George Van Tassel (1910-1978) atop a geomagnetic vortex in the Mojave desert.”  Sounds pretty rad, right?  It’s like they found the center of the universe and all forces, both natural and unnatural, are concentrated there.  Anyway, they capture the spirit of the moment.  It delivers the sense of darkness with only slivers of light.  The state of mind this crew must’ve had can only be described as possessed, completely given over.  The drumming and bass line and the guitar swells and even the occasional female chant all sound hypnotic, like they traded their own souls for others that night.  It’s creepy how well it’s all pulled off.  It makes you wonder what was really taking place; if the “other side” was puppeteering.

So, if you’re dying to know whether or not I found that this tape lived up to my expectations then I will respond with a resounding YES!   The three tracks mystify with an air of skillful execution and artful spontaneity.  The three tracks, two under fifteen minutes and one almost twenty-two and a half minutes, of musical improvisations are performed so hauntingly it’s scary.  Enjoy this exorcistic showcase wherever you are and get caught up in the phantasmic pageantry at any given time with the download card that’s also included.  Grab it soon though.  This edition of 100 won’t last long.

Translinguistic Other

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