Red Math, “Obsolete Systems” LP

November 15, 2012
By Steve Dewhurst

Heavy synth gloop from Lance Dibblee, a former drum and bass producer whose last tape as Red Math – 2010′s Unhinged – was released by Digitalis Limited.

Dibblee’s work has moved into far more experimental territory of late, often progressing like it’s got its feet in treacle. With little in the way of beats to propel it, the music on Obsolete Systems relies on deep, churning rolls of bass over which a jungle of squeaks, bleeps and zooms is laid. It can get repetitive over the course of eleven songs, with little variation to the established formula. Only when Dibblee works on the underlying pulse and groan does it seem to change much at all; ‘Quadrature’, for example, is a globular flow of melting metal not dissimilar to Autechre’s ‘Kalpol Introl’ in style and texture, and ‘Prophecy’ is a calm seven-minute layering of cold gales and dying machines. Elsewhere, imagine an immense cloud of flies above a lake of seething lava.

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