E.D. Sedgwick, “We Wear White”

November 14, 2012
By Bobby Power

E.D. Sedgwick is the functioning band of Justin Moyer’s transgender alter ego Edie Sedgwick. Phew, that was a mouthful. Go ahead and reread that intro if you didn’t grasp it the first time around. Former member of the now-defunct El Guapo, one of the more rewarding post-2000 era Dischord lineup along with Black Eyes and Q and Not U, Moyer’s penchant for punchy, near post-punk energy now carries over into We Wear White. Moyer’s charm here comes from ditching the novelty and not dwelling in kitsch of the project’s earliest incarnation as a touring concept project, performing songs about celebrities accompanied by projector and iPod.

Opening tracks “Dirty” and “Hex of Sex (For Minimal Man)” mixes blue collar power pop of Ted Leo and scruffy DC post punk of Q and Not U. While “Dirty” feels a bit bluesier or rock than anything too dancey, the song still punches and jives with the best of them. “Hex…” shows the breadth of Moyer’s sound, opening with a Mark Robinson-affected bass line. “Rockin’ the Boat” is a full-on mutant funk jammer with the vibe of NYC’s mutant disco scene, as if covering a lost Was (Not Was) recording. One of the stronger tracks here comes with “Mina,” a blurred and timeless narrative about forbidden love. The song takes a bizarre turn midway through as the band veers into a cover of “Paint it Black” at the song’s end, adding a dark spin on the scene. Another curious turn comes with the title track. “We Wear White” is a bluesy, noirish song that surprisingly recalls The Breeders at their most atmospheric. Yet another bizarre gem in Dischord’s crown.


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