My Carapace Is Leaking/Astral Social Club, split cassette

November 14, 2012
By Paul Simpson

Super-limited pro-dubbed split tape packaged in an oversized card cassette mailer. My Carapace Is Leaking’s side is 19 minutes of scorched, droning electric bass. It’s very muddy and congested, but if you focus in on it, you can definitely hear some subtly shifting textures, and it’s actually quite relaxing and blissful, even though it’s hellishly noisy. It spends the last couple minutes slowly calming down, which helps put you in the mindframe for Astral Social Club’s side, which is as typically overwhelming and awesome as you’d expect. Absolutely brain-frying hyperspeed tape edits, slowly ascending laser synths, and some mysterious sci-fi/fantasy drone forming in the middle. It stays at the same unrelenting pace, and doesn’t properly begin or end, but there is a distinct upward-sounding acceleration to the beginning, and more of a comedown towards the end. But it’s still chaotic madness throughout. Truly mind-altering sounds, no matter what state you’re in.

Tor Press

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