B.son, “Black Shape of Nexus”

November 14, 2012
By Jan-Arne Sohns

Vendetta finally have taken the plunge and repressed this minor doom metal classic from Mannheim’s B.son. Originally released in 2007, “Black Shape of Nexus” pre-dates the band’s splits with Crowskin and Kodiak. There are three epic tracks on here, all slow and incredibly heavy, yet diverse and engaging. The massive “V”, clocking in at 21 minutes, takes the listener through droning stasis, grooving slow-motion and devious blues-mutilation (there is one passage that always has me think of the Melvins’ “Boris”). “III” and “IV” on the a-side feature Malte Seidel’s tormented vocals and hint at the band’s hardcore affinities. While “Black Shape of Nexus” is arguably a doom metal album and its downtempo trod is driven by distorted, syrupy riffing, it also nods to Bohren’s introspective waiting games (cf the first minutes of “IV”) and to hardcore realisms. Hailing from one of Germany’s most blatantly working-class cities, B.son play their doom without the dwarves.


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