Jean-Marc Montera/Francesco Calandrino, “Idi Di Marzo”

November 15, 2012
By Mike Wood

French noise mavens Jean-Marc Montera and Francesco Calandrino recreate the sounds of a broken radio that only plays sci-fi and noir soundtracks. The abrasive but darkly familiar improvisations on “Idi Di Marzo” draw as much from lost as found sounds. There is a classic quality, then, to this sonic madness.

Six untitled tracks do the trick there, with Montera’s guitar circling around and more often than not biting at Calandrino’s “Lo-fi Stereos, Manipulated Audiocassettes, Field Recordings, and Clarinet.” This dance works best on the shorter pieces, such as the fourth, where cassette and guitar create an ominous and tight environment. Likewise, the fifth track blends hellish free jazz with dark ambient to great effect. There are two pieces that are over fourteen minutes long, and both peter out into crazed noodling by the end. The second track is also notable for the jarring inclusion of vocals. The duo more than shows its way around deliberate, and satisfying, harsh improv.

“Idi Di Marzo” is crazed, but in ways that allow for order out of chaos. The guitar mastery of Jean-Marc Montera and sound collagist Francesco Calandrino are each given space to explore, but together form a haunting, if raw, tapestry of noise.


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