Pursuit Grooves presents 91 Fellows, 12″ EP

November 15, 2012
By Paul Simpson

Earlier this year, Pursuit Grooves introduced her 91 Fellows alias with a half-hour odyssey called “Terrapin Skydome”, which is basically one of my favorite things I’ve heard all year. Slow-moving, mysterious and surrealist, it explores the more experimental tendencies of her hip-hop and dance productions, and just generally inhabits its own sonic space. The first vinyl release for the project continues in the same vein, looping unusual sounds and creating strange atmospheres. In some ways, it feels like being in a dream where you’re in a room that appears normal, but inanimate background objects start floating and become suspended in midair. Very perception-altering music. The rhythms seem to be shaped by loops of found sounds rather than proper drums, and while vocals are used as texture, they only occasionally spell out words (most notably when the words “time” and “fate” appear during “Lions Lawn”). The disc ends with remixes by Afrikan Sciences and Aybee, which up the tempo a bit, but still remain abstract and mysterious. Afrikan Sciences’ mix contains splintered metallic beats thudding over minimal atmospherics, and Aybee’s mix features an anxious post-dubstep beat along with chilly, crystalline synths and looped delay-heavy vocals and breath-like sounds. Overall, another seriously great, unique release from an always-brilliant artist.


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