Repeated Viewing / Warning Light, “Tre Parte Omicidio OST” split tape

November 15, 2012
By Bobby Power

Following in the footsteps of like minded horror soundtrack enthusiasts like Umberto or even Chromatics, dark synth worshipers Repeated Viewing and Warning Light create a soundtrack to Tre Parte Omicidio. The seemingly imaginary visuals for the nonexistent film provide an all-to-brief escape from everyday life. Tastefully mastered by Matt Weiner (Featureless Ghost, Twins), the tape is an authentic homage to that simultaneously dated and timeless aesthetic we all know and love.

Alan Sinclair’s Repeated Viewing offers a 15-minute suite of four sections that genuinely sounds like it was ripped from a rental VHS of a long forgotten horror film. Fittingly accompanying an opening credits montage of spook and gore, the initial several minutes suggest an impending doom like any good horror schlock should. It’s goofy and creepy, immediately drawing you in for the ride. As the suite plays through, Sinclair dims the lights and flips on the fog machine, accompanying the protagonist along a twisted, ghastly path littered with blood, witches, sacrifices, murder, or all of the above.

The B-side comes courtesy of Warning Light, the solo name of Atlanta’s DIY renaissance man Drew Haddon, who also runs Persistent Midnight and ran the sorely missed Sleepaway Recordings. Haddon’s two short but bountiful pieces here are big on atmosphere, packing feature length narratives into a single scene or short film. “Erste Motorik” channels John Carpenter’s classic film scores, especially the grim propulsion of Assault on Precinct 13‘s “Theme.” But the scene is filtered with a lens on Berlin’s kraut synth masters, cued by the signature motorik hint. “At the End of the World” strips away any sense of rhythm or structure, opting to set the scene rather than quicken the pace. Layers of loaded synth chords and tones haunt the setting, creating enough dread and suspense to make Dario Argento and his Goblins seek the light. I’d be surprised if any of copies of this tape are left in the wake of Halloween.

Persistent Midnight
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