New Jolin Ras album, “Youthful Reflections”

November 8, 2012
By Brad Rose

It’s apparently Transmolecular day here at Foxy D, but you’re just gonna have to deal with it (and really, ain’t a better way to roll through our last update for a momentous week than getting lost in the Compendium).  So, Jolin Ras is another fantastic producer from Vancouver, operating just as far out in space as the rest of the crew, but getting his grooves from another realm underground.  Instrumental hip-hop floating through stars, blasting fervor into the airwaves where Jolin Ras should be (will be) king.  His productions are incredibly deft and deep.  Ras mixes a disparate number of elements, pulling from an endless spectral array of genres and sounds to stake out his own claim in the abyss.  These are serious tunes, good til the last drop.  He’s just released his newest album, Youthful Reflections, and it’s getting me up on my own cloud in luxurious style.

Some words from Jolin Ras about Youthful Reflections adds a lot of context:

All of these tracks were made between the months of April//early June 2012. In that duration of time I began to think back when I was in elementary school. Riding in cars, transiting across town, or flying over the country; admiring the clouds, the sky, people coming and going; eager to figure out what I would pursue in life, whether it be a wildlife biologist, basketball star, or the next rising skateboard pro. Overtime, I abandoned the idea of pursuing these dreams, based on a fear of failing or the possibility of those not being the intended path I am supposed to take… At some point in time we probably have asked ourselves, who are we? What are the right paths to take? How do we become in tune with ourselves? Eventually, at our own pace, each of us tend to figure these things out.

You can listen below, but he’s only asking for $1 so you’d be well served to just throw some clams his way and get in on the action:


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