Tree People / Pokemachine, split 7″/3-D book

November 15, 2012
By Nicholas Zettel

Contrasting depraved, brutal experimental music with lavish, hand-printed packaging produces a multifaceted experience with this collaboration. This shouldn’t be surprising coming from Le Petit Mignon, the German machine combining music, publishing, and gallery works to deliver their vision. The actual vinyl in this split between Tree People and Pokemachine might be less alluring to some, compared to the surreal, perverted, or morbid 3-D booklet that accompanies the release. Le Petit Mignon spare no expense — they provide a pair of 3-D glasses (one for you, and one for a friend!), a beautifully pressed book, and a wild slab of translucent green wax. The images dissect a morbid world in stark, straightforward representations, while the music swirls away, stabbing at established industrial sounds with whirlwinds of flares and synthetic noise.

Between Tree People and Pokemachine, there is quite a contrast in execution, which effectively delivers similar timbres or ideas in diverse execution. The Tree People side is much less structured, compared to Pokemachine’s driving noise, and their percussive wailing results in screeching, mechanic sounds. Pokemachine binds their synthetic noise to persistent drumming, adding a repetitious mass to their distorted vocals and crushing instrumentation. At 45 rpm, both sides are over in a heartbeat, resulting in compact, intense statements.

The artwork lends this music an extensive vision, a vision that might not be completely apparent without the 3-D booklet; as a result, this collaboration moves beyond damaged noise into a direct, accessible realism. Death, penetration, celebration, nature/mechanization, and ritual are immediately apparent. The listener can directly perceive these statements as they are, which provides a startling contribution alongside the buzzing compositions.

Le Petit Mignon

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