Akke Phallus Duo, “Terroir / Pissoir”

November 14, 2012
By Diego Aguilar

Have you ever had one of those nights when you don’t really remember falling asleep? Akke Phallus Duo’s debut “Terroir / Pissoir” is the musical equivalent of those fucking birds outside your window that remind you it’s already morning, and you’ve missed your chance to restore some sanity for the upcoming day. But instead of waking into the real world of structure and responsibilities, it’s a fantastically awkward, disturbing experience that plunges into unpredictable realms of irrationality.

The Duo’s first release, it’s an endearing and bizarre collaboration between Chora’s Ben Morris and Jon Marshall of The Hunter Gracchus and the Singing Knives label, each exchanging recordings of noisy improvised jams on self-designed instruments and found sound until an optimally incoherent collage was achieved. (They’ve collaborated before, both in Le Drapeau Noir and as guests on each other’s solo releases. They’ve just been itching to duo it.)  If there’s anything we can discern from this jumble of disorienting sounds it’s a sense of eagerness, even deeply psychotic enthusiasm that erupts in some ritualistic frenzies. The only vaguely similar comparisons I can think of are the recent weird noise duo from Finland, Tuusanuuskat, as well as some moments that sound like Hezbollah’s answer to weirdo anti-Christian noisesters such as Chrystal Methodists and Death Squad.

Every second of your life that you spend without having heard this album yet is a waste of time. According to the press sheet, we can expect to hear recordings of the duo playing together in the flesh, so this is going to be an exciting project to follow.


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