Chris Weisman drops three hour, 88-track album for OSR Tapes via YouTube

November 13, 2012
By Crawford Philleo

You can rub your eyes all you want, and there are only so many Q-tips in a box… but that headline is accurate. Today OSR Tapes dropped a three hour and twenty minute long album in 11 parts on YouTube. And with the world coming to an end next month, the news of all this new Weisman material leaves this particular reporter with a newfound sense of eternal peace.

Titled “Maya Properties,” the album comes in the wake of Weisman’s lengthy (and great) “Beatleboro” tape and his recent collaboration with Blanche Blanche Blanche’s Zach Phillips, Better Psychics, which already has two albums, not to mention the Feeding Tube reissue of his album “Fresh Sip,” everything in this sentence released earlier this year. The record has 88 tracks on it, one presumably for each key on the piano, which, given Weisman’s idiosyncratic approach to composition, may make for a perplexing, confusing, frustrating and ultimately pointless endeavor for music theorists to try and wrap their exceedingly advanced minds around.

The album is also available as a .zip file for free download with an option to donate to the label.

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