Poppet /Letters, split tape

January 23, 2013
By Jennifer Barron

The split tape of Poppet and Letters successfully incorporates two vastly different listening experiences that provide the highs and lows of one cohesive album. On one side, there is Letters carrying the withdrawn tunes that sweetly caress the listener. All six songs are covers, but Letters takes all of them and makes them their own. At times, the songs are unrecognizable, but I find this to be a positive attribute for a band. The style of the music is soft and minimalized, with only the heavy strums of guitar filtering through the humming tones of the vocals.

Poppet falls on the other extreme of the musical spectrum from Letters by playing an electronic and synth filled noise collision. In other articles, I tore down the heavy use of noise, but Poppet artfully melds the noise to music. A small child’s voice mixed with light ringing bells on “Enjoy Possibilities” enhances the light, whimsical tremble of Molly Raney’s voice. The only way to describe her musical style is playful, bringing a certain childish joy to her music. Even among the tingly pop, there is a small part that remains soft and pure. Raney’s work brings together a perfect balance of full pop electronics amidst a swell and ebb of sweeping vocals.

Ms. Valerie Park Distro

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