Seaworthy, “Bellows And Breath”

January 23, 2013
By Paul Simpson

Cameron Webb’s electro-acoustic post-rock project Seaworthy focuses on harmonium and melodica drone for this lovely release on Preservation. The album’s title is significant as both of those items (“bellows” referring to the flexible bag that air is pushed through) are essential to the creation of sounds on this album. The album has a very natural, breathing, flowing feel, which is accentuated by the use of field recordings throughout the album. Opening track “Bellows Whispered Breath” ends with birds chirping and distant cars passing by, and “Breathe Deep” features birds cawing away in the background as well. Seaworthy’s previous work focused on guitar, and the opening minute of “Rattled Rushes” strips things back to some very minimal, close-miked guitar, with plenty of hiss and some bird sounds audible, before launching back into harmonium drone. “Scuffled Path And Stone” also starts with some gentle acoustic plucking, as well as digitally processed tones lightly reverberating in the background, before the harmonium drone blooms again. Overall, just a very natural, calming drone album that celebrates nature and the fragile side of life.


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