Contrasts: Preservation’s latest series

January 22, 2013
By David Perron

After a stellar run of releases that comprised their Circa 2012 series, it appears that the consistently excellent Preservation label out of Australia has cooked up another winner of a series with Contrasts. Marking their first foray into the cassette medium, the Contrasts series will offer limited run split tapes that pairs “a veteran of a particular style with a more recent artist of the form.” Label head, Andrew Khedoori, explained that the idea for Contrasts stemmed from a split cassette tape he was planning for Pimmon and Deep Magic to coincide with a performance in Sydney, but it didn’t pan out at the time. He later decided to expand on this idea, inviting in a wide range of artists to explore the tape medium and offer up lengthy pieces that clock-in around the 20+ minute mark.

The first three tapes from the Contrasts series are now available exclusively through the Preservation website and include the aforementioned Pimmon & Deep Magic tape, along with the pairings of Loren Connors & Chris Forsyth and JD Emmanuel & Evan Caminiti.

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