Modra, “The Line For The Men’s Room” LP

January 28, 2013
By Paul Simpson

Another mysterious transmission from Savage Quality. Pasted-on artwork, with the band name spraypainted on the front cover along with a photo of a bunch of guys waiting in line in a restroom, and a grainy photo of the band on the back. Musically, at first it reminds me of early Jandek, in terms of vocals and pacing. However, there’s much more feedback and noise building up. “The Restless Dream” has a nervous pulse underneath, elevating this from what could potentially sound aimless. As the record progresses, the band reveals a controlled sense of dynamics. It might sound sludgy and lazy on the surface, but the band’s outbursts seem to travel in waves, and the splashes of drums and guitar feedback seem perfectly timed. It’s an intense kind of disturbed mood music, but it pays off if you’re willing to let it seep into your subconscious.

Savage Quality

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