German Army, “Hoatzin” tape

January 28, 2013
By Paul Simpson

Yet another tape from the relentless, prolific German Army. Definitely reminding me of some TG/Coil isolationism, with lots of ancient-sounding drum machines, manipulated delay-heavy vocals, and a general sense of mysteriousness and detachment. Not a whole lot in the way of “songs” here, but lots of fascinating experimentation. “Line To Line” sounds like some ghostly operatic voice rehearsing in an early ’80s arcade, with a huge disembodied head floating in the middle and speaking backwards. “River Demons” has a cool understated beat along with nervous, almost possessed vocals. “Haves” opens side B with more bits of almost operatic singing, along with more incomprehensibly delayed spoken vocals and primitive lo-fi electronics. “Broken Silk” happens on another cool minimal beat, and “Ivorty Coast” uses some wayward guitar along with some pounding darkwave drums. The track (and tape) ends with this guitar being played backwards along with some garbled subliminal voice. Not having an easy time finding out info about this group, but somehow their recordings find their way to me, and I’m really feeling this type of swamp wasteland minimal-synth.

No Kings

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