Boduf Songs, “Song To Keep Me Still” (Video)

January 28, 2013
By Steve Dewhurst

He’s a talented fellow, Mat Sweet. Not only is his new Boduf Songs album Burnt Up On Re-Entry an absolute stunner, but he’s also gone and made this stop-motion video for ‘Song To Keep Me Still’ all by himself.

The LP version of Burnt Up On Re-Entry will be released by Southern Records on 28th January, with the CD following a month later.

Burnt Up On Re-Entry:

Fiery The Angels Fell
A Brilliant Shaft Of Light From Out Of The Night Sky
The Gateway Sound
Song To Keep Me Still
Vermin Rend Thy Garments
Everyone Will Let You Down In The End
Long Divider
Drexelius Sick Man Quarles Emblemes Closed Heaven
Between The Palisades And The Firmament
Maggot Ending
Oh My Overlord
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