Tranquility Tapes Month at The Stone in NYC

January 28, 2013
By Brad Rose

If you’re in New York next month, you definitely gotta hit up one of these nights.

Tranquility Tapes is proud to present 22 sets from some of our favorite artists from NYC and throughout North America from February 1-13, 2013 at The Stone.

All sets are $5 and will start promptly according to schedule. Come out and support new music!


2/1 Friday
8 pm
Grant Evans
Grant Evans (electronics)

10 pm
Motion Sickness of Time Travel
Rachel Evans (synthesizer, vocals)

2/2 Saturday
8 pm
Ryan McGill, Franklin Teagle (synthesizers)

10 pm
Fossils from the Sun
Ray Hare (electronics)

2/3 Sunday
8 pm
Imperial Topaz
Caroline Teagle (synthesizer, vocals) Zachary Zierden (synthesizer, electronics)

10 pm
Hex Breaker Quartet
Josh Millrod (trumpet, electronics) Jesse DeRossa (EVI, electronics) Mr. Matthews (synthesizer)

2/5 Tuesday
8 pm
David Suss (guitar, synthesizer)

10 pm
Husere Grav
Todd Watson (electronics)

2/6 Wednesday
8 pm
Russ Alderson (bass, electronics) Mike Griffin (electronics)

10 pm
Glass House
Eric Brannon (guitar) Ian Collier (synthesizer)

2/7 Thursday
8 pm
Sound Out Light
Dave Doyen (synthesizer) Joe Breitenbach (synthesizer)

10 pm
Mike Haley (electronics)

2/8 Friday
8 pm
Jane L. Kazowicz (guitar, vocals)

10 pm
Hobo Cubes
Francesco De Gallo (synthesizer)

2/9 Saturday
8 pm
Event Cloak
Nick Maturo (synthesizer)

10 pm
Jean-Sébastien Truchy
Jean-Sébastien Truchy (electronics, vocals)

2/10 Sunday
8 pm
Giant Claw
Keith Rankin (synthesizer)

10 pm
Henry Dawson
Seth Graham (synthesizer)

2/12 Tuesday
8 pm
Christopher Merritt
Christopher Merritt (synthesizer, guitar)

10 pm
Michael Chau (synthesizer)

2/13 Wednesday
8 pm
Kyle Iman (synthesizer, guitar)

10 pm
Cliffsides/Cenote Glow
Ryan McGill (synthesizer) Franklin Teagle (synthesizer)

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