Vampire Blues, “Epistemological Relativism and the Missionary’s Position” tape

January 29, 2013
By Scott McKeating

A guitar/harmonium duo with a somewhat familiar name, this Vampire Blues cassette comes with the kind of praise normally reserved for solar-reaching artists like Phil Todd. With two distinctly sides, one guitar led and electric one harmonium focused and acoustic, Vampire Blues aren’t satisfied with giving listeners a damn jam or two. Side One has the stronger guitar melting into the harmonium, and vice-versa, with nods to a ragged, burning fuse but out-there sound. Instead of taking the typical balls-out, heads-down flip-out route Vampire Blues feel more like they’re staring up the snowy peaks and skyline instead of trying to shoot fucking lighting from their instruments and making a massive racket.

Side Two is a Harmonium heavy exercise in tension, the instruments sitting alongside each other trying to find a recess or groove to fit inside each other. Again, it has the raggedness of its flipside, the guitar flitting around like butterflies in smoke, appearing the being submerged/subsumed  but is more grounded by the roughness and grit of the harmonium’s sound. There is a pile of 180g vinyl slabs waiting for these guys.

Total Vermin

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