Nova Scotian Arms, “Skyed Out” tape

December 16, 2010
By Dave Miller

Nova Scotian Arms is one of the best slow drift acts out today.  Super washed-out guitar notes ebb and flow through a galaxy of intangible celestial textures.  This is flying time travel through dreams past, present, and future.  Total psychical aura streams that surge with mysterious energies that send you into vertigo.  Which way’s up, down, left, right?  Who knows; who cares?  Just enjoy it.  Trapped in a vacuum between bliss and fear of the unknown.  Not quite an ideal summer vacation, nor an anxiety-driven claustrophobic confinement.  Fun, fluid, fantastical.  Not illusory, but the cards aren’t laid out on the table for everyone to see either.  A beautiful place to be with some occasional fierce fuzz and such to keep you somewhat grounded.  You have to hear it to believe it.

Released on self-originated Hooker Vision label.  Cool trippy pyramidal retro art with RVs, old-school cars, people, etc.  It’s time to put on your foil helmet and find the center of the universe.  Six long unpredictable tracks on Side A and the illuminating journey continues through three more lengthy ones on Side B.  Tapes are clear blue with nice art on Side A itself.  I only wish that these were passed out like condoms so everyone had a chance to try it.  A can’t miss.  Again, one of the best slow drift acts out today.  Need I really say more?!!!

Hooker Vision


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