Andre Foisy “Seven Thrones”

September 29, 2010
By Kirk Van Husen

Andre Foisy of Locrian unleashes his first solo effort and it is a tasty little morsel. “Seven Thrones” is a moody, cinematic disc comprised of two long tracks.   This is a different despair than that of Locrian—more melancholy and chilling.

“Like Light Over the Plain” begins the disc, and immediately the stage is set.   Broad, fuzzed out guitars arc and linger in the air.   Ominous bass tones pulse underneath, while despondent melodies offer no safe harbor.  Long strands of feedback slowly scrape by.   Foisy’s stellar guitar work runs over with foreboding danger throughout.   The second piece, “All Through Eternity,” slowly unfurls, as quietly swelling chords provide a haunting mood; Foisy patiently lets the piece build at a deliberate pace, adding some dark guitar cycling here and there.  This imbues the track with a great deal of power.   Dark, melodic riffs echo about, fostering a sense of dread for a good fourteen minutes before the inevitable wall of anti-matter feedback completely engulfs you.  Even at this point, Foisy carefully sculpts the molten sound, easing you into the void.

The packaging is intriguing due to the fact you have to basically destroy the black cloth outer sleeve the disc is sealed in.   I‘m alright with this, as it imparts a true feeling of owning something special.   The physicality of the process is a tangible and final experience that downloading digital tracks cannot come within solar systems of matching. “Seven Thrones” is an edition of only 65, and is still available from the label as I write.

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