28 December, 2006
Four quickies for Root Don Lonie For Cash

gfrenzy: ritter 3"cdr

"Can you drink yourself to death on 50 bucks?" I hope so, cos after I finish up here I gonna be tryin'.

wolfskull: bloodbowl 3"cdr

Pow! Like slow-fucking Hawkwind on fistfulls of 'ludes and spilling out my gob. Pow! Lock up yer chickens. Damn! Hold still bitch, put me off my stroke. Pow!

the futurians - no disintegration 3"cdr

Skuzz'n'roll of the highest order... riffs which clamp onto yr brain like bio-mechanoid leeches... drum thuddo give me dry eye twitch... synth-harassment make me paranoid about being taunted by midgets wearin' electro gas-masks. Again.

cja vs. duicide: let me have an education 3"cdr

Beguiling pot-luck dinner of downer-glom-strum and power-electronics improv. Who is this mysterious duicide? And what is wrong with his sound-card? (I brake for lemurs, too).

the futurians: computer says no 3"cdr

..but ears say YES! YES! to Futurians in longform moto-beat wiggy-fuzz-workout mode. Think drunken Chrome at 16kbps and all shot through wiv 12-gauge. In fact the only way you'd achieve less fidelity is if you converted to punch-card and faxed to yourself.

at 28 December, 2006 05:13, Blogger stephen said...
oh yeah... there's five.  

at 28 December, 2006 07:30, Blogger brad rose said...
gfrenzy AND the futurians in one batch of new releases? god, that's like my fucken dream come true.  

at 28 December, 2006 14:20, Blogger stephen said...
Well what about this then: Sir PUMICE plays on the gfrenzy one. :)  

at 28 December, 2006 15:52, Blogger brad rose said...
oh my. i think i must change my pants.  

at 28 December, 2006 16:33, Anonymous noisepussy said...
hey, i guess i better get my a into g & get the root don lonioe product page up...my new years resolution is i will sweat more. xcja  

at 29 December, 2006 04:11, Anonymous DJ $2 Sound-card said...
Hey Clayton stole that Duicide tape!!! It wuz live demo or something I think?? I'm sure I used some material for the gig with Matt M. that was tape release 'Economic Target'.. Dunno where'n the CJA stuff comes from. The lemurs live under the tables at Arc Cafe maybe?
New Duicide album in the new year titled 'Klinger's Dead'...
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