10 April, 2008

hey everyone,

 new batch of limited releases (3 tapes + 1 new cd-r)... real excited about this stuff as it's always good to work with folks we've wanted to work with for ages and other folks we've worked with before.  so check it out:

ltd#5: heavy eye of the sun "iii" cd-r $8 ppd worldwide
i've been wanting to put out something by heavy eye of the sun for years and now, nearly two years after their last self-released cd-r, "iii" is locked & loaded. this montreal-based duo create sprawling, monolithic landscapes of sound, barely held together by the flickering of their voices. this is their most involved and evocative work yet.

sparse forests of acoustic instrumentation conjure up ancient spirits that the duo channel without abandon. the hypnotic nature of their collective vocals lull you into a trance. bowed zithers and guitars drone and creak into oblivion. heavy eye of the sun suck you into their world and don't let go until they are good and ready. this is enchanted music. limited to 80 handnumbered copies, packaged in oversized hand-stamped envelopes w/ two inserts & handstamped cd-rs.  audio sample & pics: http://www.digitalisindustries.com/ltd5.html 

ltd#10: cja & the silverbullets "overgrow" c21 $7 domestic/$9 international
my love for all things cja knows no bounds. from the shambolic mastery of the futurians to his various solo guises, there is nobody who does damaged pop and punk rock better. ever since he dropped his first solo bomb, "headache," on celebrate psi-phenomenon many moons ago, he's been the premiere burner in the new zealand underground for my money.

so what does "overgrow" offer? well, it's a short and sweet album about everyone's favorite token pasttime. joined on by fellow travelers lee noyes on sampler and john maltravis on drums, cja keeps his fury in check in this session and mellows out on a junkyard set that falls somewhere between his opus, "ironclad," and the futurians bent punk wizardry. bleary-eyed slackers beware. limited to 45 handnumbered copies, packaged in stamped j-cards, stamped tapes, & painted jewelboxes, all packaged up with string w/ an insert.  audio sample & pics: http://www.digitalisindustries.com/ltd10.html 

ltd#12: the north sea "crusades" c27 $7 domestic/$9 world
the north sea is well into phase two as of spring 2008, and "crusades" is an attempt to spread the word at the end of butcher knife. religious iconography aside, these two decaying piles of analog wretch are the product of midnight feasts and early morning witchhunts. black as the days of summer are long, these two tracks battle the subconscious melodies that constantly try and creep their way up through the river of burning molasses.

"crusades" is another step forward. it's another entry that sets the past aflame, looking forward to the day that everything we've built comes crumbling down to a mountain of dust. three separate editions, all on premium red paper & handumbered: 12 gold / 24 silver / 36 antique (first orders will get gold, then silver, & so on - no special requests, sorry). two inserts: 1 fold-out, 2-sided color designed by peter friel of jk tapes. audio sample & pic:  http://www.digitalisindustries.com/ltd12.html 

ltd#14: ek caminiti "buried light" c34 $7 domestic/$9 world

e.k. caminiti is best known as half of the mighty barn owl. but on "buried light," we are snatched up and taken into a new direction, one that is solely his. peeling back the skin, "buried light" offers a glimpse of magnetic mazes that are shrouded in a cloak of silver haze. these songs are, like their barn owl brethren, organic and dense. layers of fuzz hide the melodic picks and strums underneath. with each attempt, caminiti soars through cosmos on a bed of aural space debris.

moving like a nightcrawler, "buried light" is full of twists, turns, and even a little magic. caminiti utilizes a whole host of instrumentation from guitars and voice to bells and chimes. the end result is something rich and varied. "buried light" is an absolute gem. limited to 88 handnumbered copies, packaged in j-cards printed on recycled paper s w/ painted red tapes & an insert. audio sample & pic: http://www.digitalisindustries.com/ltd14.html 

main ltd catalog page here:  http://www.digitalisindustries.com/catalog_ltd.html

also a little bit of news... FIVE more days to pre-order natural snow buildings "the dance of the moon & the sun."  a little bit of incentive is that the the pre-orders will now come with not one 3", but TWO bonus 3" CDRs.  we feel bad about the extra delays there have been getting it done, so this is our way of saying thanks for being patient.  so get on that now if you want, and check out our other recent preorders (steve gunn, valerio cosi, uton, & ensemble economique) here: http://www.digitalisindustries.com/preorder.html 

thanks as always.
much love,

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