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The Rebel

The Rebel is 37-year-old Scottish legend Tony Pearson a.k.a. B.R. Wallers, ex-front man of Country Teasers. He just released a crappy lofi but super catchy four song 7” on the pretty new Brussels based Lexi Disques label.

When I google The Rebel, I find information about all kinds of rebels, but nothing about you.
In fact, The Rebel is taken from the film starring Tony Hancock about a loser failed amateur crap artist who becomes the toast of the Paris scene in 1950s. I identify with him as an artist. A fake, a phoney.

The Rebel is a very cliché name. That’s like naming you band The Smiths: instead of trying to be original, you do the opposite of that: you pick out one of the most common words possible.
I do like to pick out common words instead of being original. Being original is so easy; I've been getting away with that gimmick for 22 years, with no financial success. So what's the fucking point?

Your music reminds me of Jad Fair, Ween and Kramer.
‘Quebec’ by Ween is a great fin de siècle rock album, like a novel, summing up the Western condition. ‘The Pod’, ‘Pure Guava’ and half of ‘The Mollusc’ I also love. I like the Friends single too. Jad Fair is a fuck, I hate his curly haired four-eyed guts, and Half Jap, and The Pastels. Kramer did good work for Butthole Surfers but Bongwater I don’t know well. I don’t mind his ‘Guilt Trap’ album but have only listened to it twice since I go it in 1999.

The first time I played ‘Aiming Low’, I play it on 45rpm because I thought it was a single. Than I found out I had to play it at 33rpm.
I made the same mistake myself. We are obviously both idiots. If this is the first E.P. you have owned that looks like a single, you can’t have bought too many singles. If one makes songs short enough, one can fit a lot of songs into a small place. And if you run a single…why am I even answering this stupid question? Fuck it!

The artwork looks like you just wrote your own info on an already existing record sleeve. That’s a great idea. Why did you do that?
I did it because I had to do the artwork for the sleeve, so I got and old sleeve and did the artwork. Thanks for liking the idea. I agree, it’s a good idea, but like all good ideas, it’s very simple. If you see a shark attacking a child in the sea, and there is a lead-weight in the shape of a 1920s boot next to you, you will hurl the boot at the shark, killing it, and saving the child. Then the press will hail you as a genius: “What a great idea, to kill a shark with a boot-shaped lead weight!”. No; it was just there, you threw it automatically.

Why did you put a symbol that almost looks like a swastika on your sleeve?
The Hakenkreuz is the term for a use of the ancient swastika by the German Nazi movement in the 1930s to promote hate and power. It resonates with incredible force. Punks used it to express rebellion; nothing rivals it for taboo-ness. I broke its arm and called it a spakenkreuz, literally, a ‘spastic’ swastika. It’s anti-Nazi, but it contains an appropriation of that symbol’s power. On a lighter note, I was looking for a symbol with a good resonance, like Einsturzende Neubauten’s famous little man, or the Rolling Stones’ lips, or indeed Pussy Galore’s fusion of those two. It helps to sell records!

On the back site of the record sleeve, you wrote: “Do you want to release ‘The Incredible Hulk’?” Does that mean this release is some kind of demo on vinyl? You also wrote that Citnalta Records might release the album. There is no Citnalta Records, right?
Actually Junior Aspirin Records are releasing my new album ‘The Incredible Hulk’. They have released my last 2 albums, ‘M.C.C.’ and ‘Prawns’. Citnalta is Atlantic backwards. At the time we made the single, Lexi Disques and I didn’t know if Junior Aspirin were going to release the album. But tell all your readers that they are. End of 2009.

‘Aiming Low’ is a funny title. Are you the last slacker?
I’m sure I’m not the last slacker. There’s about 20 million of us in London alone.

I’m glad you like the title. It really came out of the antithesis. “Aiming low, getting high, that’s me and my ambition”. Drinking drugs and smoking beer instead of knuckling down to one’s career. Hey, that rhymes too, what the fuck.
-- Joeri Bruyninckx (1 July, 2009)

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The Rebel.
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