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Loachfillet "Electric Pond: Solar Solution"

Electric swirling, high and sweet but unnerving like cotton candy at a carnival horror house, hovering like a UFO. The music's a little more industrial and lo-fi than I imagined looking at the artwork (semi-abstract bloodred snapshots like Tales From The Darkside gone pure evil). A sense of tension, flickering wasp wings, ghostly scritches and liquidy sine waves snowballing into bales of barbed wire. You can almost catch faint musical notes and it's lovely, for the briefest of moments. Pinpoint Mars machinery blips, boiling and bubbling wahs. The longest track ("The Automated Bowl of Soup" at 10:21) is a softly scrambled, edge-burnt and bleached transmission drone. My favorite tracks by far are the most tinkling and unsettling "Somnambulist Synchronisms, Part 2," jittering reflections and gargling fuzz, twisted and oozing; chittering at the end sounds like the track's laughing at you; and the final track "Hell," organized infernal chaos, suggestive of a trek, a journey through a shattered mind in a broken place, akin to Coil's Hellraiser soundtrack. 9/10 -- April Larson (28 April, 2010)

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